DMCA takedown request do not claim ownership of any of the songs and videos on it’s platform and any copyright infringement complaints will be executed immediately! It is our policy to honor all genuine take-down requests!

In the event that you Have a belief that a file (Not excluding the format of Mp3, Jpg, png, Mp4) that is hosted on violates your copyright at that point please contact the email underneath to present a ‘Content evacuation’ ask. Make sure to incorporate your relationship to the proprietor of the copyrighted material, your full contact information, and the url of the tune/collection, Video or Articles you are alluding to.

Send an Email to: [email protected]

At we regard the privileges of copyright holders and will work with the said copyright holders to guarantee that encroaching substance are expelled from our administration. We screen all records we transfer to ensure that copyrighted material isn’t transferred. In situations where you feel a record encroaches on your copyright or the copyright of somebody you speak to, we urge you to utilize this page to advise us.

Please provide a detailed description of the infringing work in question. If possible, provide an example or sample of the work that is allegedly being copied. Before you send us a DMCA request, make sure you are the righful owner or a legal advisor to the rightful owner, All fake DMCA request may attract a klegal action from JustHighLife.

JustHighLife will react to “any takedown asks for” that conform to the necessities of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and other material licensed innovation laws.