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Prof Chikobi Wheel Barrow Mp3 Download

Prof Chikobi Wheel Barrow
Prof Chikobi Wheel Barrow

Prof Chikobi Wheel Barrow is a motivating song a lot of people will most likely relate to. As we all know, all fingers are not equal and of course our journey/destiny in life is absolutely different so therefore you should keep hopes alive because no condition is permanent.

The song Wheel barrow by Prof Chikobi also tells a captivating story of a man named Chukwuemeka who left Nigeria to Brazil for a greener pasture. When God blessed Chukwuemeka he was thoughtful enough to know that investing back home is a wise decision and so he trusted his brother with the funds meant for his investments.

Chukwuemeka hustled for years in Brazil while sending money back home for investments not knowing that his brother whom he have entrusted with his funds back home will betray him and leave him empty and reckless.

If you are in a sober mood or need a motivational song to lift up your mood then this song is for you.

Prof Chikobi
Prof Chikobi

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