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Justhighlife is a self sponsored highlife music library basically created to keep the Highlife culture alive. Currently we do not generate any money from users except from advertising.

Justhighlife is working tirelessly to serve you with the best and evergreen highlife music you can’t find anywhere else and your donation will go a long way to help us achieve that.

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We need your donations to keep this site up and running, otherwise we may shut down soon.

Don’t We Make Money now and when will the adverts be removed?

While we make a little amount of money from adverts, we obviously DO NOT make money from your view, download nor data subscription since your experience on this website is of importance to us, we have decided to remove all intrusive adverts as soon as we receive as many donations as possible.

It’s a collective effort, so we implore you to donate as little as you can, as soon as we receive donation to cover up our hosting and running staff fees, we will make a list of everyone who supported us in this course, add them to our hall of fame and remove all intrusive ads.